Patrycja Rejnowicz-Janowska’s article: Protection of personal rights in labor law in HR Magazine on Pins

Patrycja Rejnowicz-Janowska

The latest #13 issue of HR Magazine on Pins® has just been released. We are very proud to announce that in this issue you will find an interesting article written by an attorney Patrycja Rejnowicz – Janowska– Senior Associate of the Jablonski Kozminski Law Firm, entitled. “Protection of Personal Property in Labor Law.”

In the article, the author focuses on the interpretation of labor laws, particularly Art. 111 of the Labor Code, which requires employers to respect the dignity and other personal property of employees. The author explains that the concepts of “dignity” and “personal property” are not precisely defined in the Labor Code, so it is necessary to refer to the doctrine of civil law.

In the context of a changing work environment, understanding the issues involved in protecting the personal assets of employees and employers is becoming increasingly important. Personal rights include aspects of physical and mental integrity, individuality, and dignity and social standing. It is important to understand that personal property does not form a separate legal category, but is part of the general values of civil law.

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