Commerce & Distribution

About the practice

We provide comprehensive legal assistance to entities operating in the trade and distribution sector, taking into account not only the applicable legal regulations, but also trends and business development strategies in the dynamically changing economic reality.

Thanks to many years of practice, we understand the expectations of entrepreneurs and help them identify and mitigate risks related to their business activity.

Our experience includes advising and representing entrepreneurs in matters related to the organization of distribution and sale of products and services in the field of legal problems related to various sales channels, such as authorized sales networks, franchise networks, agency networks, e-commerce.


  • Drafting contracts;
  • Advising on the selection of the appropriate form of security for the performance of contracts;
  • Legal assistance in the enforcement of proper performance of contractual obligations;
  • Representation of Clients in disputes related to unfair competition between entrepreneurs;
  • Advising on the use of standard contracts in relations with consumers;
  • Support in obtaining the necessary decisions and other administrative requirements;
  • Representing clients in disputes related to consumer claims;
  • Supporting and representing clients in proceedings conducted by public administration bodies at the stage of inspections of entrepreneurs and post-inspections, as well as related court and administrative proceedings;
  • Legal representation before all public administration bodies and in proceedings in all instances of common and administrative courts;
  • Representing clients in business negotiations, mediation and arbitration proceedings.

dr hab. Krzysztof Koźmiński

  • Attorney-at-law
  • ·
  • Managing partner

Katarzyna Kuszko

  • Advocate
  • ·
  • Counsel