Insolvency & restructuring

About the practice

Our Law Firm offers restructuring advice for companies struggling with the problem of insolvency or when insolvency has already occurred. We assist in choosing the most advantageous form of restructuring and in conducting bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.

We cooperate on an ongoing basis with specialists, including academics and expert institutions, experts in the field of management, taxes, finance, economic analysis of law, as well as restructuring advisors and statutory auditors, thanks to which we are able to offer interdisciplinary expertise.


  • Analysing the condition of the company in order to determine whether there are any grounds for insolvency that would give rise to the obligation to file for bankruptcy or enable the initiation of restructuring proceedings;
  • Providing opinions or expert opinions;
  • Advising on the selection of the appropriate course of action, taking into account individual needs and situations (bankruptcy, arrangement approval proceedings, accelerated arrangement proceedings, arrangement proceedings, sanation proceedings);
  • Representing debtors/creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and legal representation in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Advising on concluding an arrangement in the course of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Legal services for receivers;
  • Preparation of analyses preceding restructuring: financial, legal and tax analysis;
  • Preparation of a list of receivables;
  • Preparation of a debt repayment plan;
  • Preparation of an application for opening restructuring proceedings and participation in negotiations with creditors in order to obtain their approval for restructuring activities;
  • Legal representation in restructuring proceedings;
  • Monitoring the activities of the restructuring authorities, preparing appeals, advising on the preparation of arrangement proposals;
  • Participation in meetings of the creditors’ committee, creditors’ meeting, etc.;
  • Preparation of legal opinions on issues related to restructuring law.

Michał Jabłoński, PhD

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  • Managing partner

Patrycja Rejnowicz-Janowska

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