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AI is everywhere – dominating headlines, business meetings, and even conversations at the dining room table. But as executives and business leaders, and not necessarily AI experts, many of our participants and partners have questions about the technology and regulations.

The penalties for non-compliance of the EU AI Act can be significant, both financially and cause reputation risk. Our services help you to remain in compliance with the EU AI Act to avoid the potential pitfalls and obtain the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence Systems.

The EU AI act defines the rules for using and selling Artificial Intelligence systems in the EU, and regulates general-purpose AI tools such as ChatGPT, Copilot, Google Gemini and other AI-based systems.

Our AI Advisory services help you establish the legal and auditory compliance framework required, in particular for the development, the placing on the market, the putting into service and the use of Artificial Intelligence systems (AI systems) within the EU.

To limit risks posed by AI system deployment and use, we offer a comprehensive service of Auditing and Red-teaming including governance audits and technology audits. Our AI Advisory auditing intersects with almost every aspect of AI governance, from the documentation of design procedures to model testing and verification.

Our team of AI Advisors includes Professors of AI and Professors of Law. Lawyers and Business leaders who have built, deployed and implemented AI systems within organizations.

Contact us for a preliminary discussion to help you implement safe, reliable, transparent and helpful AI systems.


  • Legal Guidance on the EU AI Act and other global regulatory requirements.
  • Audit of Artificial Intelligence Systems.
  • Training for staff to aid compliance of the EU AI Act.
  • Bespoke training for optimal use of AI (eg. Prompt Engineering, Workflow management, Large Language Model optimization).
  • Guidance on reconciling AI ethics and regulatory requirements with usability and user-friendliness.

Michał Jabłoński, PhD

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Jan Czarnocki LL.M., CIPP/E

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  • Senior Advisor

Seweryn Sasin

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  • Associate

Jan Czarnocki lecturer of postgraduate Artificial Intelligence for Executives at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw

We are extremely pleased to announce that this past Friday (April 5 this year). Jan Czarnocki – Of Counsel of the Law Firm…

Current Legal Challenges Related to the Application of AI in the Polish Banking Sector

Report 1/2024
The report was prepared by the team consisting of:

The aim of the report was to answer the following questions: to what extent AI-based solutions are currently used in the Polish banking sector, how domestic banks compare with international experiences, and whether they are prepared for significant legislative changes associated with the implementation of comprehensive EU regulation in the form of the so-called AI ACT.

The analysis covered solutions currently used by Polish banks, and additionally, a comparative legal verification of the state of AI law in several selected countries (including the USA, China, France, Germany) was conducted. The solutions present in the AI ACT were also examined, highlighting the accompanying regulatory doubts and challenges.