Real Estate & Construction Law

About the practice

We provide legal assistance in all civil-legal and administrative-legal aspects of the investment process and real estate trading. We have many years of experience in providing legal advice to both Polish and foreign entities in the planning and implementation of development projects.

We advise on all proceedings concerning construction investments and real estate, including building permits, spatial planning, environmental conditions of investments, occupancy permits, as well as construction contracts, construction defect contracts, or disputes over legal title to real estate.

As professional attorneys-in-fact, we represent clients in business negotiations, represent clients before all public administration bodies and in proceedings in all instances of common and administrative courts.


  • Preparation of contracts in the field of real estate transactions;
  • Regulation of the legal status of real estate;
  • Advising on the acquisition of real estate;
  • Support in the investment process;
  • Representation of Clients in disputes and negotiations in the field of corporate relations;
  • Obtaining administrative decisions and representation in proceedings before public administration bodies and administrative courts;
  • Legal assistance in cases of reprivatisation claims;
  • Assistance in the acquisition of real estate in special circumstances related to the liquidation or restructuring of the seller;
  • Representing clients before common courts of all instances;
  • Preparation of legal opinions on the compliance of investments with special regulations (including in the field of conservation and environmental protection);
  • Preparation of due diligence reports including analysis of the factual and legal status of real estate;
  • Issuing opinions and appeals against local law acts (in particular in the field of spatial planning and development);
  • Representing clients before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court;
  • Legal analyses in the area of renewable energy sources,
  • Consulting in the field of revitalization.

Michał Jabłoński, PhD

  • Advocate
  • ·
  • Managing partner

Wojciech Koźmiński

  • Attorney-at-law
  • ·
  • Senior Associate

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