Business Insider: dr hab. Jan Rudnicki on the consequences of the reduction in the importance of the so-called “”new” franking department in Warsaw

dr hab. Jan Rudnicki

July 1, 2023 an amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) came into effect. The main purpose of the changes is to streamline the course of civil proceedings, including, among other things. Making it easier for parties and attorneys to contact the court.

Of particular note is Art. 18 of the Law of March 9, 2023 on amending the Code of Civil Procedure. Paragraph 1 of this article stipulates that for five years after the entry into force of the law, in cases involving claims related to the conclusion of a credit agreement that is valorized, denominated or indexed to a currency other than the Polish currency, lawsuits may be filed “only before the court in whose district the plaintiff resides.”

Does this change mean the threat of being inundated with an avalanche of lawsuits from local courts? What jurisprudential tactics will judges adopt in the situation?

We encourage you to read the opinion on the above case written by an associate (Of Counsel) of the law firm Jabłoński Kozminski, dr hab. Jan Rudnicki, Head of the Department of European Legal Tradition at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (WPiA UW).

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