Poznan Economic Congress: Wojciech Kozminski moderated the panel “Government vs. local government – confrontation or synergy?”

Wojciech Kozminski

This Friday, during the second day of the Poznań Economic Congress, Senior Associate of the Jabłoński Koźmiński law firm – legal counsel Wojciech Koźmiński – will act as moderator of the panel “Government vs. local government – confrontation or synergy?”.

The panel aims to create a space for reflection on the relationship between central and local governments. During the debate, issues will be discussed:

  • Distribution of powers – what are the rules for the distribution of powers between the central government and local governments? Are they clear and fair?
  • cooperation and conflict – what are examples of effective cooperation between the government and local governments, as well as cases of confrontation? What are the causes of potential conflicts and what strategies help resolve disputes?
  • Funding and resources – how does local government funding affect its ability to do its job? Are there inequalities in access to resources?
  • local initiatives – what initiatives are undertaken by local governments in areas such as local development, education or health care? What support can they receive from the central government?
  • perspectives – what changes in public policy and legislation are needed to increase synergistic partnerships between government and local governments?

Date: September 29, 2023. (Friday)
Time: 13:45-14:45
Place: Poznań, Novotel Poznań Centrum

We encourage you to register for the event: https://kongres.poznanski.org/


Wojciech Koźmiński
Radca prawny, Senior Associate+48 22 416 60 04wojciech.kozminski@jklaw.pl

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