Interview with Wojciech Koźmiński on regulations prohibiting the sale of so-called energy drinks

Wojciech Kozminski

Soon, as of January 1, 2024, regulations prohibiting the sale of beverages with added taurine and caffeine (so-called energy drinks) will come into effect:

  • to individuals under 18 years of age,
  • on the premises of schools and other educational institutions, as well as in vending machines.

This is part of the amendment to the Public Health Act dated August 17, 2023. Details can be found in the latest interview with Wojciech Koźmiński – Senior Associate at Jabłoński Koźmiński Law Firm, conducted for the PKB24 portal.

As emphasized by Wojciech Koźmiński: “Public health protection, especially of young people, is one of the priorities of national policy and, in my opinion, should remain so – however, any interference with the freedom of manufacturing or distributing food products must be proportionate, and its justification must be clearly and publicly explained”.

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Wojciech Koźmiński
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