Comment by dr hab. Krzysztof Koźmiński regarding credit holidays

dr hab. Krzysztof Koźmiński

On Monday, November 13, the Sejm of the 10th term and the Senate of the 11th term, elected in the elections on October 15, inaugurated their work.

During the upcoming term, the new Sejm will deal with, among others:

  • possible extension of the anti-inflation shield,
  • increases for the budget sector or
  • a draft law on extending credit holidays for 2024, which was proposed by the outgoing government at the end of October this year.

Credit holidays were introduced by the government in 2022 in response to a significant increase in inflation and interest rates. As the data shows Ministry of Development and Technology, the credit holidays in force so far covered 1.09 million housing loans, and the loans covered by the holidays accounted for 57% of the number of all PLN housing loans and 68% of the value of all PLN housing loans.

Due to the current discussions on the introduction of loan holidays in 2024, dr hab. Krzysztof Koźmiński was asked to comment for dr hab. Krzysztof Koźmiński – managing partner of the Jabłoński Koźmiński Law Firm.

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