Conference: Quality in health care – the idea vs. the law

Karolina Ptak

Today, the managing partners of the Jabłoński Koźmiński Law Firm – Michał Jabłoński PhD and dr. hab. Krzysztof Koźmiński acted as speakers as academics – creators and employees of the Center for Regulatory Impact Assessment of the University of Warsaw at the press conference “Quality in health care – idea and law” organized together with The Warsaw Regional Chamber of Physicians in Warsaw named after him. prof. Jan Nielubowicz.

The conference discussed, among other things. weaknesses in the adopted Law on Quality in Health Care and Patient Safety and the amended Law on Patients’ Rights and Patients’ Ombudsman:

  • definitional inaccuracies,
  • violation of the principle of equality,
  • low compensation benefits for patients,
  • the system’s lack of coverage of clinics and private medical care.

Details available at the link.


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