Broadcast of MiŚ in Radio Wnet: Patrycja Rejnowicz -Janowska on working in a law firm in the so-called “legal field”. shot “behind the scenes”

Patrycja Rejnowicz-Janowska

The following is scheduled for tomorrow, September 7. at. 06:00 The guest of the MiŚ podcast on Radio Wnet will be Senior Associate of the law firm Jabłoński Kozminski i Wspólnicy, attorney Patrycja Rejnowicz – Janowska.

The topic of the talk will be the work in a law firm in the so-called “law firm”. shot “from behind the scenes.” Listeners will learn, among other things. What does the application look like and what can you learn from the patron? What are the implications of a lawyer’s leave of absence in the daily operations of a law firm? What is attorney-client privilege?

Broadcast link:…/mis-masz-prawa-i-sprawiedliwe…/


Patrycja Rejnowicz-Janowska
Adwokat, Senior Associate+48 22 416 60

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